Heads of the Class

We are proud of the more than 100 Aveda Institute students nationwide that have received awards, nominations or recognition in two programs that recognize their incredible talent in hair artistry. Results and events will take place at the same industry trade event, Cosmoprof North America, this July in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The North American Hair Styling Awards (NAHAs) takes place on July 12 and is considered the ‘Oscars’ of the hairdressing industry. We’re thrilled to share that four Aveda Institute students nabbed 4 of the 5 Student Hairstylist of the Year nominations.

Above is work from nominee Aveda Institute Phoenix student Nicole Barrera.

The three other nominees and their work are below:

Madison Wade, Aveda Institute Denver (above)

Dustin Villa, Aveda Institute Tucson (above)

Maddie James, Aveda Institute Provo (above)


We are also very proud that 46 members of the Aveda Institute were recently honored as Professional Beauty Association (PBA) Beacon Winners, and 90 students had honorable mentions by this prestigious program.

The Beacons are an invitation-only education and networking event for students to be a part of PBA Beauty Week, July 11 to 14. Yearly, a stiff competition is held to determine the nation’s most promising cosmetology students, with the highest scorers gaining unlimited access to specialized classes along with opportunities to rub shoulders with the industry’s highest profile salon owners, professionals, stylists and industry pros.

A panel of top salon and spa owners as well as manufacturers and distributors from across the country decide who makes the cut. We applaud the 46 winners and 90 honorable mentions from our Aveda Institute and know the world will be a far more beautiful place thanks to all of their hard work and artistry!

The full list of Beacon winners and honorable mentions:


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