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Hair: @marqedwardstyle
Color: @coloristdavis
Styling Lead: @chrisguidrydoeshair
Styling Assists: @_meauxshairs @marqedwardstyle @tatumneill
Makeup Lead: @sashaahart
Makeup Assist:
Creative Director: @ouiwegirl
Photographer: @mk.marykatherine
Model: @llaurenswan of

Plant beauty in the world

Plant the seeds of your career at the Aveda Institute and watch it grow into something incredible. Aveda Institutes are centered around developing your skills, nurturing your creativity, helping you turn your desire into goals and your goals into success.

A global leader in beauty & wellness

The first Aveda Institute opened in 1977 as an eco-conscious, wellness-oriented alternative to traditional beauty schools. Since then, Aveda Artists have led fulfilling careers around the world from New York Fashion Week runways to stylish small-town salons. Learn more about the Aveda mission and how it guides us in everything we do.

Alumni hall of fame

Some of the Aveda Institute graduates who have rocketed to the top of their field through their originality, talent, drive, and passion for their craft.
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Aveda’s origins

Founded by a hairdresser, for hairdressers, the Aveda brand has evolved since its founding in 1978, but one thing has stayed the same: our focus is on you – the stylist, the massage therapist, the esthetician – and giving you a brand to be proud to be aligned with.
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The dream begins here

The skills you learn at the Aveda Institute, along with support and training from the Aveda Network, help you guide your career in any direction you want. Whether you dream of running your own business, styling for fashion or editorial, teaching, or becoming a master of your craft, you’ll get there as an Aveda graduate.
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Dive into the Aveda Institutes

Check out our blog for in-depth interviews, tips, guidance, and to get your questions answered about all things Aveda Institute.
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The best of: Aveda Institute student artistry

Browse our galleries to see some of the mind-blowing work our students have produced while still attending the Aveda Institute.
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