Careers that start strong and go far

Frequently asked questions by parents about their child’s career options in beauty and wellness.

  • What are the advantages of careers in beauty and wellness?
    • It makes financial sense.
      • Student debt from 4-year degree programs can linger long after graduation. By comparison, the much lower tuition and time to graduate from cosmetology school means beauty-industry graduates enter the job market in half the time (or less) than their peers in academic programs, and unburdened by long-term debt.
    • Stability & demand in the industry
      • The beauty industry supports 2.2 million direct and indirect jobs, generates $103.9 billion in sales, pays $37.7 billion in wages and contributes $3.7 billion in income taxes.*

        Professional beauty licensing is essential to the health of the U.S. economy and the health of its residents. Beauty professionals touch nearly all Americans across every demographic, providing safe, high-quality services that result from extensive training and licensing. Professional preparation in cosmetology school is positively correlated with salaries and employment.*

        Source: *NPD Analytics
    • Competitive edge in the job market.
      • Cosmetology and esthiology and massage graduates hold state-issued licenses in a regulated profession, which automatically puts them in a select pool of applicants for available jobs.
    • Job opportunities are abundant.
      • Employers in the salon/ spa industry are often actively recruiting. Because there are salons and spas everywhere in the world from small towns to big cities, a beauty or wellness professional can get licensed and employed anywhere they are eligible to work.
    • They can give themselves a promotion or raise.
      • There are multiple advanced courses and certifications available for beauty and wellness professionals to further their careers and add more revenue streams to their income.
    • They can be their own boss.
      • Entrepreneurial types can work independently or launch their own business.
    What is the reality of career opportunities for Aveda Institute graduates?
    • They're ready to work.
      • Aveda Institute prepares students for their careers in two main ways. One is by teaching them industry-specific, contemporary business skills that prepare them for earning and maximizing their income. The other is by introducing them throughout their student life to top area salons and spas looking for new talent—through ongoing career fairs, guided tours, and employer recruitment visits.
    • They're hired right out of school.
      • Many Aveda Institute students have job prospects and offers even before they graduate.
    • They are desired candidates worldwide.
      • There are 9,100+ Aveda salons and spas around the world, whose owners strongly prefer hiring Aveda Institute graduates over students from other cosmetology schools. Aveda salons have dominated Salon Today’s annual Top 200 list since its inception 20 years ago. 49.5% (or 99) of Salon Today’s 2021 Top 200 honorees (cited annually for outstanding business practices) are Aveda salons.
    What are your graduation rates?
    • Our network average graduation rate is 81.4%, compared with 22.2% at community colleges and 33.3% at four-year colleges/universities.**

      Source: *NACCAS 2019 (data) Annual Reports and **National Center for Education Statistics

    What can my child do with their cosmetology training from the Aveda Institute?
    • Go wherever their passion takes them.

      Most cosmetologists start out working in a salon/ spa, and can then pursue advanced training and explore specializing.

      Options include being a fashion-show stylist; editorial stylist; celebrity/ personality stylist; artistic director for a salon or brand; salon owner or manager; platform artist/ educator; cosmetology instructor; or stylist for film, TV or theater; or a product inventor. Within the international Aveda network there are even more options, including becoming a salon development partner; an Aveda Purefessional; or a member of Aveda’s global Artistic Teams.

    What can my child do with their esthiology training from the Aveda Institute?
    • Go far in a rewarding career.

      Most estheticians start their careers working at salons/ spas or resorts, and can then pursue additional training and certifications to explore advanced career paths.

      These include beauty and skin-care marketing, sales and purchasing; paramedical esthiology; medispa esthiology; teaching esthiology; or makeup artistry in multiple fields including film & TV, fashion shows, and editorial.

    What can my child do with their massage therapy training from the Aveda Institute?
    • Enjoy one of the most flexible, mobile careers available.

      Massage therapists often start their careers joining the staff at spas, health clubs, gyms, hotels or resorts. Many massage therapists choose to work independently, easily traveling on-site to clients’ locations or working from home.

      Career avenues available to massage therapists with more experience and/or advanced certification and training include working for chiropractic and medical offices; sports teams and athletic departments; nursing homes, rehab centers, hospitals or hospices; or as an instructor of massage therapy.

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