The Top 5 Reasons To Master Wigs And Extensions

Thinking about plunging into the world of wigs and extensions? We fully encourage it. In fact, we sat down with Nikay Higgins, celebrity and editorial hairstylist, and Kaleah Slay, founder and CEO of Slayology, to discuss the benefits of adding wig and extension services to your repertoire. Here are their top five reasons to learn the ropes:

1. You can instantly transform your client’s look.

Nikay: I love when I put the wig on a client and I see them slip into that personality momentarily. It’s so fun to watch them exude that character with confidence—in part due to the wig that they’re wearing.

Kaleah: My favorite part of working with extensions is having the ability to transform and enhance hair to make it even more beautiful.

2. Every day is exciting.

N: I start my day at the wig shop sourcing the wig length, texture, color, and lace that I want. Then I prep the wig, color it, dry it, and style it for the job I have coming up so it is easy to slip on the day of.

K: My typical day varies. I offer five different installation techniques so every day is different according to my work schedule.



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Nikay Higgins, celebrity and editorial hairstylist.

3. They’re rising in popularity.

N: Wigs are becoming more popular—and it’s due to pop culture. The Kardashians made it less taboo to wear wigs. The transparency from celebrities and the fact that many of them wear wigs to change their looks so often has helped make it feel more acceptable to rock a wig.

K: Extensions have always been popular but more natural installation techniques such as Itips, tape-ins, and weft microlinks are rising in popularity to provide a more effortless, natural look.

4. Working with wigs and extensions go hand in hand with everyday services.

N: I use the same products on both wigs and hair. I only change the brush, which is specific to wigs so it doesn’t tear at the hair and shorten its life.

K: You must understand and master natural hair services before offering extensions. Both go hand in hand, and an extension service always begins with a shampoo and blowout before the hair installation.

5. You can join an ever-evolving industry.

K: Know your stuff. Master the ins and outs of extensions before diving in. Never stop learning because the industry is growing—so grow with the industry. Take classes until you know the answer to every question. Practice, practice, practice.

N: Apprentice with a really good wig maker. Watch, listen and keep learning. There are all kinds of cool classes on wigs—I always say, “Make the investment!”


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