It’s Easy Being Green

Living green can be easier than you think, just ask the Green Team, a group of eco-conscious crusaders of the Institute of Beauty and Wellness (IBW), an Aveda training facility in Milwaukee.

While the team incorporates green-living in their daily lives, the group also implements eco-conscious initiatives at the school and within their community. Top projects include planting a roof top garden and undertaking a total green building assessment to determine how the institute can do a better job of conserving energy. The Green Team also partners with local businesses to create eco-conscious community outreach programs.

Here, 10 members of this planet-preserving posse share with us their favorite tips for living green:

  1. Rinse out your recyclables before you put them in the recycling bin. The recycling company won’t take them if they have food in them. — Abigail Jelacic, Massage Therapist 
  2. Instead of putting my computer on “sleep” mode I’ve started shutting it down every time I’m done with my day. That’s over 12 hours of saving energy. — Jourdan Miller, Marketing 
  3. Recycle coffee grounds and eggshells in potting soil to help your plants grow. — Ranada Brandon, Massage Therapist 
  4. Reuse plastic containers for food storage or for other organizational purposes. — Gaya Glassen, Cosmetology Instructor 
  5. I take advantage of resale events and websites like KidCycle or HomeCycle instead of throwing away items when I am done with them. — Lynn Lange, Human Resources and Education 
  6. Remember the three R’s: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse! Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, buy recycled products, and think about investing in a rain barrel that collects water that you can use for your garden. — Kari Kennedy, Admission Team Leader 
  7. My family has meatless Mondays. Not only do they benefit our health, but they also reduce our carbon footprint by conserving valuable resources like fossil fuels and water. — Lynn Marie, Marketing Director 
  8. If I go to my favorite coffee shop I always bring a reusable travel cup. Plus, they usually give you a discount. — Zach Hyde, Massage Student 
  9. I read my kids Dr. Seuss’ Lorax at least once a month. It’s a small way to help them appreciate the planet and learn how less is more. — Katie Hansen, Institute Graphic Designer 
  10. We’ve eliminated almost all of the junk mail in my household by having online access to bills and catalogues. — Sage Tramel, Cosmetology Student

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