Aveda Institutes Hall of Fame Nominees

The Aveda Institutes Hall of Fame showcases the talents and achievements of Aveda graduates in the beauty industry. All Hall of Fame Nominees and Honorees have a long standing and successful career that is focused around their craft, education, and giving back to society.

Current Hall of Fame Honorees include Roxana DaCosta, Janell Geason, Jon Reyman, David Wagner, Larissa Wong, and Jason Backe.

The Aveda Institute Development Team gathered Hall of Fame Nominee submission during Congress 2015 and 11 well-deserving Nominees were chosen by special committee to be the 2016 Finalists.The main criteria for determining Finalists were education, giving back to society and the beauty industry, and honors received.

Several influencers for the Aveda Network of Institutes have been chosen to participate in the 2016 Aveda Institutes Hall of Fame voting process. Two of the 11 Hall of Fame Nominees will be inducted in to the Hall of Fame for 2016. Be on the lookout for the announcement in late July 2016. We’ll also be rolling out a new section on aveda.edu featuring the Hall of Fame members. Be sure to check back!


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