Transfer Policy

From other Schools

Aveda Institute New York does not accept transfer hours from other schools or institutes. However, if a student previously attended another Cosmetology or Esthiology program at another institute and wants to transfer to Aveda Institute New York and complete the same program he or she has began, the student will receive a $2,000 discount toward tuition.  To receive the discount, the student must provide a copy of his or her transcript from the prior institute and evidence of completing a minimum of 150 hours at the other institute. Transcripts must be submitted to the Admissions Department prior to the students start date to qualify and be confirmed by the Student Services Manager.


Between Programs at the Institute

Aveda Institute New York does not accept transfer hours between programs at the institute. However, if a student enrolls in an additional program at the institute within 12 months from his or her graduation date, Aveda Institute New York will give the student a $2,000 tuition discount and waive the $100 application fee.


Between Full-time and Part-time Schedules of Same Program

The institute does not recommend that students transfer between full-time and part-time programs, but in exceptional circumstances with Director approval the institute may allow students to transfer between full-time and part-time programs.


Veterans Affairs Students

This institution will inquire about each veteran or veteran benefits eligible person’s previous education and training, and request transcripts from all prior institutions, including military training, traditional college coursework and vocational training.  Previous transcripts will be evaluated and credit will be granted, as appropriate.


Articulation Agreements

Aveda Institute New York does not have articulation agreements with other institutes.

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