Vaccination Policy

Aveda Institute Minneapolis requires students to submit immunization records in accordance with Minnesota law. (See M.S. 135A.14). It requires proof that all students born after 1956 are vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, and rubella, allowing for certain specified exemptions. Students must submit an immunization statement that indicates the month and year of the immunization.

To demonstrate that a student qualifies for one of the below exceptions, he or she must complete the relevant portion of the immunization record form.

1. Student previously met the MMR and Td or Tdap requirements because he or she graduated from a Minnesota high school in 1997 or later.
2. Student’s admission records indicate that he or she has satisfied the requirements as an enrolled student in another post-secondary school in Minnesota.
3. Medical Exceptions (requires physician’s signature)
a. For medical reasons, the student did not receive the immunization;
b. The student experienced the natural disease against which the immunization protects; or
c. A laboratory has confirmed the presence of adequate immunity.
4. Conscientious Exception (requires statement to be notarized)—Student must submit statement that the student has not been immunized as required by the law because of the student’s conscientiously held beliefs.

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