Transfer Policy

Earned from another Aveda Institute

Aveda Institute Minneapolis accepts transfer hours from other Aveda institutes if the student left in good standing, but doing so is up to Aveda Institute Minneapolis’s discretion. To transfer hours from another Aveda institute, the student must provide Aveda Institute Minneapolis with a copy of his or her transcript and state sheet(s). The institute will conduct an assessment using Minnesota required curriculum rules to determine whether to accept the hours and how many hours to accept.  With regard to Satisfactory Academic Progress, a student’s transfer hours will be counted as both attempted and earned hours for the purpose of determining when the allowable maximum time frame has been exhausted. If the total amount of the transfer discount is less than $2,000, the institute will give the student a $2,000 discount.


Earned from a non-Aveda Institute

Aveda Institute Minneapolis does not accept transfer hours from non-Aveda institutes. However, if a student transfers from a non-Aveda institute, he or she will receive a discount toward tuition.  The discount amount will be determined by the following sliding scale of hours completed.


Hours Successfully Completed Discount
120 minimum $1,000
121-250 $1,500
251 or more $2,000


To receive the discount, the student must provide a copy of his or her transcript from the prior institute and evidence of successfully completing the hours at the other institute.


Between Programs at the Institute

Aveda Institute Minneapolis does not accept transfer hours between programs at the institute. However, if a student enrolls in an additional program at the institute, Aveda Institute Minneapolis will give the student a $1,500 tuition discount and waive the $100 application fee.


Veterans Affairs Students

This institution will inquire about each veteran or veteran benefits eligible person’s previous education and training, and request transcripts from all prior institutions, including military training, traditional college coursework and vocational training.  Previous transcripts will be evaluated and credit will be granted, as appropriate.


Articulation Agreements

Aveda Institute Minneapolis does not have articulation agreements with other institutes.

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