Brown Aveda Institute:

Brown Aveda Institute offers the finest of the cosmetology, beauty and esthetics schools in Ohio. Bordering Cleveland, Ohio, the school offers a full curriculum of hair, skin and nail services including continuing education programs.





The Mentor campus of Brown Aveda Institute is located between Interstate 90 and Route 2 in Mentor, Ohio. The city of Mentor is twenty-one miles east of Cleveland and only five miles from the shores of Lake Erie. The community provides a safe, yet fast-paced environment for your education. The facility is a state-of-the-art beauty cosmetology school. Our modern facilities incorporate areas for student clinics, classrooms, dispensary, and separate designated areas for the study of spa services, including skin care and nail care. Students are trained in selling retail products as well as understanding the importance of providing the best customer service. Through Brown Aveda Institute’s acclaimed beauty and body care training courses and programs, you receive an education that not only develops expertise, it also builds confidence, the confidence that can lead you to an exciting career.

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